Griffin Warlow


Griffin Warlow is a fifth former and Chairman of WFSPN. He is the varsity football and basketball play-by-play man, as well as, an anchor of many shows produced by the Journalism class. He is from Orlando, Florida, and plays golf and squash. Griffin did camera and production for many sports as a third and fourth former and continues to do so when the microphone is not in his hand.

Johnny Russell

Director of Technology

Johnny Russell is a sixth former and Director of Technology. He is from Winter Park, Florida, and plays varsity soccer. He has been involved in production since his third form year. Johnny has produced many varsity football and basketball games and is an avid participant in the journalism class.

Jacob Geiger

Faculty Advisor

Jacob Geiger, a 2005 Woodberry graduate, joined the faculty in 2016. He serves as director of strategic communications, journalism teacher, advisor to The Oracle, and an assistant coach for JV Baseball.

Asa McManamy

Director of Programming

Asa McManamy is a sixth former from Savannah, Georgia. He plays for the varsity football team and has lots of experience calling lacrosse games in his fifth form year. Asa is a talented athlete on the field but loves to work with WFSPN when out of the field of play and competition. 

George Wallis

Director of Social Media

George Wallis is a sixth former from Dubai, UAE. He has participated in many sports as well as the seasonal plays at Woodberry. George joined the WFSPN Board this fall and is taking on the role of Director of Social Media. George had called a variety of sports and spent time on varsity lacrosse with Asa last Spring. 

Tyler Campbell

Faculty Advisor

Tyler Campbell joined the faculty in 2017. He serves as assistant director of communications, school videographer, and helps coach JV Basketball.


Wallace Hornady

Faculty Advisor

Wallace Hornady joined the faculty in 1996. He serves as choirmaster and organist for St. Andrew's Chapel, directs The Woodberry Forest Dozen, is musical director for the yearly musical plays, and teaches Introduction to Music, Honors Music Theory, and Electronic Music. He has given behind the scenes technical support to WFSPN since Gray Robertson started it in the Walker Center's Vass Music Studio.